2045 Regional Transportation Plan

Moving Our Region into Tomorrow

What's Next

We recently concluded our first round of public meetings and we will hold another round of meetings in early 2019 when we present a draft of the 2045 RTP. In the meantime, public comments are always welcomed and encouraged.

H-GAC will be seeking proposals from local governments and other eligible project sponsors to implement transportation projects. Projects proposals requesting federal funding will be aligned with the 2045 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) Goals, Strategies, and Investment Priorities.

A summary of general rules, project application information, and estimated available funding from FY 2019 to FY 2028 can be found here.

About the 2045 RTP

The 2045 RTP for the Houston-Galveston area will set investment priorities for the multimodal transportation system that connects people to places where they live, work, play, and efficiently moves goods from, to and through the region.

Updated every four years in coordination with the state, transit providers, local public agencies, freight interests, public and private community organizations, the RTP will:

  • Assess demographic trends and transportation demand
  • Forecast future demand for regional mobility
  • Estimate available funding
  • Track progress towards system performance targets

Why is the 2045 RTP Important to You?

Vehicles travel nearly 180 million miles per day in the eight-county Houston-Galveston region. Residents travel to and from work daily. We take our children to school, visit family members across town, shop for groceries, clothing, and for other goods and services. The economy and general well-being of individuals in the Gulf Coast region of Texas rely on the ability to safely and resourcefully travel throughout our diverse area.

The 2045 Regional Transportation Plan is a long-range plan that prioritizes spending on regional transportation projects, including short and long-range strategies to ensure our transportation network is safe and efficient. With an ever-present focus on safety, efficiency and reliability, the RTP highlights efforts to reduce traffic congestion and vehicle crashes, concentrates on asset management and operations, supports regional economic development opportunities, and maintains emphasis on transportation’s impact on environment.

How to Get Involved

A successful metropolitan planning process demands wide-ranging participation of an MPO’s diverse publics and stakeholders. H-GAC regularly engages in conversation about our region’s mobility needs with the public and stakeholders for essential comment and feedback necessary for transportation planning efforts.

Your voice matters. We want to hear your thoughts and opinions, and we welcome you to join the conversation by attending public meetings or exploring the website.

If you are interested in additional information, or if you would like to request a presentation to your business or organization, click the link below to contact us.

What is an MPO?

A Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is a local decision-making body that is responsible for overseeing the metropolitan transportation planning process. H-GAC is designated by the State of Texas as the region’s MPO for transportation planning in Brazoria, Chambers, Fort Bend, Galveston, Harris, Liberty, Montgomery, and Waller Counties.