2045 RTP Public Meetings

At H-GAC, we believe that planning must be done with the public, as well as for the public. We understand that decisions made today will affect those who live and work in our region tomorrow, and we’re committed to listening to the diverse needs and concerns of our residents and stakeholders.

During the first stages of the 2045 RTP process, we actively engaged transportation staff, elected officials, planners, decision-makers, and residents in conversation about the transportation planning process through public meetings, presentations, and collecting public comments.

So, what’s next? H-GAC will be hosting public meetings and virtual engagement opportunities during February, March, and April of 2019 to obtain feedback regarding the 2018 call for projects selection, air quality and conformity requirements, and showcase the draft of the 2045 Regional Transportation Plan.

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, H-GAC will provide for reasonable accommodations. Requests from persons needing special accommodations should be received by staff 24 hours prior to each function. Please call 713-993-2471 for assistance. Sign language interpreters will be available along with Spanish translators. For additional language assistance, click here.